There were at least four arrests at Mt. Tabor Park Monday night.  KATU News reports that demonstrators returned to the park and planned to stay there after the park closed or get arrested.

Four people were arrested.  Police identify them as:

21-year-old Jonilka Calcano, 19-year-old Pablo Mark Avvacato, 30-year-old Joanna Michal Nordness, and 20-year-old Robert Ziggy Walker were arrested for Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree. Avvacato, Nordness and Walker were also charged with Interfering With a Peace Officer.

Calcano was a reported missing person from Rhode Island. None of the four provided a Portland address.

The group is demonstrating against Portland's decision to close two open reservoirs to come into compliance with federal guidelines on drinking water.

Friday night, demonstrators were peaceful, but three people were arrested for violating park rules.