A Portland Police Officer made a new friend when responding to a burglary call Monday afternoon.  Officers responded to the home in the Hazelwood neighborhood after the homeowner returned from work to find her house had been burglarized. Police were searching the home when Officer Sarah Kerwin noticed broken glass on the floor of the basement and a bathroom.  The resident cat was walking around the home so Kerwin picked it up, concerned that it could step in the glass.  The cat stayed on Kerwin's shoulders as she continued to search the house.

The burglary suspect was gone by that time but he did take several items from the home.

One neighbor says she saw a suspicious man in the neighborhood earlier in the day, he's described as a white male, 30-40 years old, 5'9" tall, skinny build, curly brown hair, wearing a dark-colored track suit with pants tucked into his socks and boots. 

Another neighbor described seeing an older white van, driven by a white male with dark hair and sunglasses, driving through the neighborhood.