At 7:48pm PF&R crews were dispatched to a house fire at 1532 SE 48th ave. Crews arrived to find a two story home with smoke showing and three occupants outside, one with burn injuries. The injured occupant had dragged a mattress out but not before the fire had extended to the bedroom. Fire crews found and rescued one dog who was trapped in a bathroom. The fire was extinguished and a fire investigator was called to the scene; it was during the investigation phase that chemistry lab equipment was found in the bedroom. Firefighters specially trained to deal with hazardous materials were called to the scene from PF&R Station 7 to identify items found in the room. It was determined that a chemical reaction was the cause of the fire and some of the burn injuries. Phospherous and sulfuric acid were amongst the chemicals found. Investigators estimate there was aproximately $20,000 in damage to the home and contents. No other injuries were reported. 


Photos: PF&R photographers Dick Harris and Greg Muhr