Portland Fire's Technical Rescue Team was called by the Portland Police Bureau to assist in rescuing two individuals who had climbed a fence to access a restricted area underneath the west end of the Burnside bridge.

The call came in at 8:15 p.m. and when crews arrived they found two individuals were stuck in a below grade water holding area. One individual was stuck on a small shelf with two dogs and a cat; the other had fallen into the water holding area, but climbed out onto pipe and awaited rescue.

PF&R Tech Rescue specialists had to set-up a rescue system to lower a firefighter down to the individual, place a rescue harness around his waist and then hoist him and the rescuer back up to safety. Fire crews were able to access the second individual and her pets with a ladder and bring them to a safe area also.

No injuries were reported on either individual or the pets. Officers from the Portland Police Bureau are currently interviewing both subjects.