Friday afternoon,  Washington County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Canyon Park Apartments (4700 SW 107th Avenue) to investigate a child being locked out of her apartment.

Deputies contacted the child in the manager's office. The Manger told them the five-year-old girl came to the office and said she couldn't get into her apartment. The mangers knew the child and went to the apartment where the child lives with her grandmother. They knocked on the door repeatedly but no one would open it.

Deputies learned that the child had returned home from riding the school bus and was knocking on her door for a while before she came to the office seeking help.

Deputies went to the apartment and knocked on the door for about fifteen minutes. During that time they could hear someone moving around inside. They were unable to get anyone to come to the door and they eventually used a key supplied by the manager. From the time the child came home to the time deputies entered the apartment was about an hour.

Inside the apartment they found 39-year-old Kama Waltz. She was extremely intoxicated and did not seem to be aware that her grandchild never returned home from school. Waltz was arrested for Criminal Mistreatment I and Child Abuse II, she was transported to the Washington County Jail. The child was placed with a relative.