Rock scalers will inspect the wall above the rock slide on the Historic Columbia River Highway Friday to make sure no loose rocks remain. They will rappel down the 100-foot rock face with their scaling tools and remove any debris that could threaten clean-up crews on the road below. Once they have secured the wall, cleanup of the road may begin. 

Once the site is safe, crews will haul the rock away, clear the road and check the road for damage. Infrequent smaller slides have continued at the site. ODOT is not aware of any injuries. 

The Historic Columbia River Highway remains closed between Woodard Road and the Stark Street Bridge. ODOT expects the road will remain closed through Friday with no estimated time for re-opening. 

Shortly before noon Thursday June 5, about a thousand cubic yards of rock and debris - 100 truckloads - fell onto the highway at a point about 100 yards west of the Stark Street Bridge. The slide, including two large boulders, is blocking the entire roadway but fell just short of toppling a utility pole.