The Woodburn Police Department is continuing the investigation of a man impersonating a police officer, which occurred Aug. 17 at approximately 11:19 p.m.

An adult female was stopped by what she believed to be a police officer in the southbound lanes of North Pacific Highway at Industrial Avenue in Woodburn on Saturday. When contacted by the alleged officer, the victim complied with his requests for her driver's license and vehicle registration. The victim said that she had placed her purse on the steering wheel of her vehicle and was reaching towards her glove box when the alleged officer reached in, grabbed her purse and rapidly walked back to his vehicle and drove off southbound on North Pacific Highway.

The suspect is described as a white adult male, 6-foot, to 6-2, 185 to 190 pounds with a stocky build, light blonde hair that was short, but stuck out from the sides of the hat that was worn, mid- to late-30s, wearing cover-up make-up over his face to darken his skin tone and what appeared to be dark brown eye brows that may have been enhanced with make-up as well. The suspect had what appeared to be a scruffy beard which had make-up stuck to portions of it.

The uniform that the suspect was wearing was a dark colored uniform with a short-sleeve shirt and pants. The shirt had the name "Jaime" embroidered above the left pocket, and a round badge that hung below the same left pocket. There was only one shoulder patch, which was on the right shoulder. It was described as round with a shiny silver background, which the victim said looked like it could be a sticker.

The pants were described as being dark in color with a lighter stripe along the sides. The suspect had on what appeared to be a regular dark colored belt that had a black pistol and several pouches on it. It did not appear to be the type of belt worn by police officers.

A dark colored hat with unknown markings was worn by the suspect.

The vehicle that the suspect was driving is similar in style to an earlier model Ford Crown Victoria sedan, dark in color. The vehicle did not have its headlights on at the time of the contact with the victim. It did have a red and blue light, which were described as being near the top of the windshield/roof area. The red light was on the passenger side and the blue light on the driver's side. At the time of the stop the victim said that she heard several quick beeps and saw the red and blue lights.

Area police agencies did not have contact with the victim on the date of occurrence.

On Aug. 20, Woodburn investigators, with the assistance of a Clackamas County Sheriff's Office's composite sketch artist, met with the victim to compile the attached sketch of the subject.

The investigation is continuing at this time.

The Woodburn Police Department is asking for assistance from the public if they witnessed this event, or if they have any information regarding the incident to contact Officer Linda Hedricks at 503-982-2345 ext. 355.