Four Sprague High School students are sharing the dangers of the need for speed, and how lucky they are to be alive today, in a compelling  video on Salem Health's YouTube channel.  16-year-old Josh Martinson and  his  friends, Daniel Fiedler, Justine Maggi and Lindsey Botek, also 16 years old,   are all recovering from injuries suffered in a horrific crash last May 2nd,  when Josh flipped his mother's car while hill-jumping near Salem.   "We didn't think nothing like this would ever happen to us," says Josh, who found himself impaled through the shoulder by a metal fence post, and his friends hurt, after the car landed. 

Kelly Owen, a trauma nurse at Salem Hospital, convinced the teens and their parents to tell their frightening story on-camera, to show to other teens at school assemblies across the Northwest, put on by the group, Nurses Talk Tough.  "This is a great story, because it has a happy ending, and many times, these crashes don't," said Owen, "hopefully, other teens will learn valuable lessons from the choices these kids made, and not make the same mistakes."