Wednesday afternoon, a TriMet bus driver was stabbed at SE 94th and Foster while on break at a layover facility. This follows an attack in April on another TriMet operator at SE 92nd and Flavel.  TriMet says the attacks are believed to be the acts of transients that frequent homeless camps that have set up along I-205. 

TriMet is increasing security at both assault locations as well as elsewhere in that area.

The City of Portland, TriMet and ODOT will be meeting to address the transient camps. Neighbors have reported many problems related to the transients.

The operator was on break when stabbed and, following the assault, walked to another bus nearby to ask that operator to call for help. The operator who was assaulted was operating a line 71 bus.

TriMet is also working with Transit Police to review any and all video of the incident to see if it will help identify the suspect.