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Meat Loaf is putting a fork in his touring career.  The veteran rocker recently told Reuters TV he'll be retiring from the road after his upcoming "Last At Bat" tour, which is also being billed as his farewell tour. 

Meat Loaf, born Marvin Aday, has suffered his share of health setbacks in recent years.  He was forced to cancel his European tour in 2007 after a cyst was discovered on his vocal cords and has collapsed several times, once on stage in 2011. 

The 65-year-old rocker also recently underwent knee replacement surgery. 

Meat Loaf says "This is really it.  I just don't want to travel anymore."  Making reference to the Rolling Stones' 69-year-old frontman, Meat added, "I outweigh Mick Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something.  He hasn't seen the wear and tear." 

Meat Loaf's "Last At Bat (Farewell)" tour kicks off Friday in Newcastle, England.  

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