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Why is everyone so upset about a predictably awful Chavril song?


The latest offspring from husband/wife music wonder twins Chad Kroger and Avril Lavigne is this godawful song called "Hello Kitty."  Yep...horrible.  Surprisingly horrible? Absolutely not. What part of the word "Chavril" made you think it'd be a song that wouldn't make you want to sink the ice pick handle-deep into your ear hole?  I don't even mind the video that much.  Sure, it fetishises Japanese culture a little, but I've even heard some people call it racist.  That's just manufactured outrage (I actually think this video marks the first time I've even considered Avril Lavigne the least bit hot).  Is this video the surest sign on the end of western civilization?  No more than Americans For Prosperity convincing a majority of the yokels in Oklahoma that solar energy is bad and should be stopped (I'm crapping you negative, it's because "As this threat to growth becomes more evident, investors will become less attracted to investments in the utility sector." Fucking morons)  

If you really take that much offence to the song, allow me to change your mind: turn the sound off on the Avril video and start it and the Anthrax/Public Enemy song at the same time.  See?  She syncs up nicely to some rap metal.  I think this just got way hotter. 

Anthrax and Public have my sincerest apologies.

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