io9 came up witht his brilliant list of things we don't have in the future, as promised by Back to the Future 2

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20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)

I think it's safe to say we're not getting our hoverboards. Despite the 2015 Back to the Future Part II showed us, it's 2013 and we can't even make a non-hovering replica of the hoverboard correctly. But while the lack of hoverboards will always be its greatest disappointment, it's hardly the only thing BttF promised us that reality has failed to deliver. Here are 20 other things Back to the Future II lied to us about.

1) Flying Cars

2) Mr. Fusion

3) Alpha-Rhythm Generator

4) The Weather Service

5) Rejuvenation Centers

6) Power Shoelaces

7) Self-Adjusting, Self-Drying Jackets

8) The U.S. Mail Fax Service

9) Gas Robots

10) Holographic Movie Theaters

11) Pepsi Perfect

12) Suspended Animation Kennels

13) Remote Hovering News Cameras

14) Mobile Trashcans

18) Food Hydrators

19) Phone Glasses

20) The Cubs Will Win a World Series