So apparently some people are calling for a ban to the "Hack-a-(insert name of crappy free throw shooter here) tactic that the Blazers employed against Dwight Howard in game one. However the people calling for the ban are generally the crappy free throw shooters and their coaches. 

Blazers coach Terry Stotts thinks a ban is a bad idea (certainly until after round one against the Rockets!) 

Stotts said:

“There were over 1200 NBA games played this season. How many times was it used in over 1200 games? Ten or 20 times in over 1200 games, 48-minute games? So to change the rule for something that isn’t used that very much? I think it adds excitement to the game, to be honest. When he made his first two, the crowd erupted. It adds interest. It adds interest whether we’re going to foul him or not. It adds interest whether he’s going to make them or not.”

How about making a rule against cheap fouls to put bad shooters on the line, TELL DWIGHT HOWARD TO WORK ON HIS FREE THROW SHOOTING IN PRACTICE. 

I know free throws aren't as cool as being able to touch the top of the backboard, but guess what, far more games have been won and lost over free throws that have been won due to vertical leap. 

There's no excuse for sucking at free throws.