Photo credit KATU


It takes a special kind of genius to think he can out-kick a horse. It takes a borderline moron to try to lay a flying, double-footed karate kick on a police horse. Allow me to introduce you to just such an idiot.

29-year-old Joseph Cruz saw the Portland Mounted Patrol stopped and talking to a group of people in Old Town on Wednesday. That's when it occurred to Cruz that he should get a running start, jump in the air, let out a "karate-like battle cry" and to kick the horse Bruce Lee style. 

However, since the horse outweighs Cruz by about 1000 pounds, it barely flinched. Cruz bounced off the horse like a super ball of the hull of a destroyer and the officer on the horse's back dismounted and arrested Cruz for being a moron (also with interfering with a police animal and an outstanding warrant.) 

Allow me to recommend putting Joseph Cruz on the police horse branding team. Might teach him a lesson.