You know what the problem is with all these superhero stories? All the superheroes getting in the way of a mediocre cop/crime drama. Enter "Gotham," starring that kind of dopey, kid from the other side of the tracks in The OC, Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon. (Yes, McKenzie was very good in Southland, but I get the sense Gotham's writing won't be on par with Southland.)

Gordon has to battle the ever increasing problem with gangs in Gotham while mentoring the young rich kid who just had his parents murdered.

That's right, Jim Gordon is good buddies with baby Bruce Wayne. Not only that, the rest of Gotham's future baddies, such as The Riddler, Penguin, Cat Woman and others are all just a bunch of bratty, entitled teens. It's the Muppet Babies of superhero stories. It's Gossip Girl for the Criminally Insane. 

Here's the trailer. Fox just picked it up, probably hoping for the same sort of success Arrow brought the CW.