Sammy Hagar is definitely up for heading out on tour with Van Halen and David Lee Roth

During a talk at South by Southwest, the Red Rocker said, "The last thing I wanted to do was find out you are sick or something, and realize you have this bad blood and you don’t want to take it to the grave."

Sammy added, "I don’t do anything for money, fame or fortune anymore in my life. I do things that make money and I do things that make me more famous – but I don’t do it for those reasons. I think the fans would die and go to heaven.”

As for how the show might work, Hagar suggested he and Roth would take turns, explaining: "The competition for that would be great. He’d do ‘Panama’ and ‘Runnin’ With The Devil,’ and I’d be going, ‘Damn! I gotta step it up!’ I’m up for it.”

It won't be easy getting there though. Sammy admitted he and Eddie Van Halen would need to mend fences. Hagar said they were friends until then end, but after Eddie fired bassist Michael Anthony and replaced him with his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, "It got so bad." 

Hagar and Roth went out on a joint tour in 2002 but never shared the stage during the trek. 

No word yet if the Van Halen boys are interested in Sammy's idea. Check out Sammy's entire SXSW talk here.

Photo Credit: Getty