You know when you're out of town friends visit where you live, you want to show them EVERYTHING cool. I've found that there are too many places like that here in LA, and after my first visitors just got here, since I moved, I knew it had to be something not so touristy, but unique. I decided to take them to the Hollywood Forever & Forest Lawn Cemeteries. 

So, yes, this might have been one of the more outlandish things I've done, but at the same time, it was incredibly fascinating. I saw John Ritter's grave, who I've been a giant fan of since I was little, but I felt very awkward taking a picture, if we are being honest. 

Brittany Murphy, Ronnie James Dio, Johnny Ramone, and the list goes on. The Johnny Ramone "headstone/monument" was unreal up close. I was pretty impressed he wanted a stone structure of himself, shredding. Plus, his view and his location is quite fantastic.

I'm going to be facing a highway that's continuously under construction, I just know it. 

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