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Judas Priest Releases Preview of New Song

Scott Stapp Sued By Art of Anarchy

A $1.2 million lawsuit has been filed in New York State's Supreme Court by Vice Inc. against Scott Stapp. The chief and executive officer of Vice, Jonathon Votta and Vincent Votta, are the the guitarist and drummer of Art of Anarchy. According to Vice, they paid Stapp $200,000 as a loan to be apart of the group. The cash was to be treated as a loan for tax purposes. 

Stapp only performed at 18 concerts and did not show up for a scheduled video shoot. The Votta's have claimed that "if Stapp had dedicated himself to ART OF ANARCHY with the same fervor that he dedicated to his solo career, ART OF ANARCHY would have had a successful concert tour and its record contract would not have been terminated."

For more information on the lawsuit, head on over to Blabbermouth.

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