Rock Report Breakdown: March 5th, 2018

Metallica Allegedly Set To Have A Whiskey Deal

Rock and metal bands are no strangers to the liquor world, and now Metallica may be joining in the ranks. According to WhiskeyCast, Dave Pickeller, former master distiller of Maker's Mark, has spoken about a new Metallica themed whiskey and distillery with the band. 

Back in 2015 Anthrax released a single barrel whiskey with Knob Creek. The bourbon was chosen by the band during a taste test, and was bottled under the name 'The Devil You Know' at 120 proof. 

No word on whether or not the Metallica whiskey will be made in the same way, with a taste testing or made completely from scratch, but you can believe that we'll have a taste test here in The Brew studios. 

Metallica has yet to confirm whether or not the rumor is true, but here's to hoping. 

You can catch the band when they hit Moda Center December 5th, and you can win tickets every day on the :25's or online.

Slayer Announces Leg Two of Their Tour 

Leg two of Slayer's farewell tour will be hitting Sunlight Supply Amphitheater August 23rd supported by Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, and Napalm Death. 

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