Rock Report Breakdown: April 4th, 2018

Alice Cooper Recalls Time He Almost Hung Himself on Tour

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alice Cooper recalls a night on tour in 1988 when a stunt almost killed him. The equipment was rigged so that a thick piano wire would keep a noose hanging an inch from actually touching Coopers neck, so that to the audience it looked like he had actually hung himself. 

While on tour they never thought about changing the wire on a regular basis, the team assumed that it would just last forever. On this particular night of the show, the piano wire snaps causing the rope to almost actually hang Cooper. In the fraction of a second that it took for the rope to break, Cooper tilted his head back so that the noose would slip over his head causing him an intense burn, rather than killing him. Cooper recalled that if the noose had actually caught his chin it would have caused his death. 

He instead fell to the floor post wire failure and "pretty much blacked out." 

The stunt is still performed at shows, but now more precautions are taken before the gallows are used. The wire is regularly changed and tested, and the rope is now kept at 12 inches above his head rather than the usual six. 

Linkin Park To Donate Items To Charity

All Linkin Park fans are going to want to keep an eye on the website Reverb today, as the charity auction to own a piece of the bands history begins this morning. Almost 200 pieces of retired Linkin Park equipment is being auctioned off to support Music For Relief. 

The program is intended to provide aid and relief to people and communities post natural disaster. 

The charity is for all fans of Linkin Park, not just their musician fans. While touring equipment and instruments are up for auction. The average fan has some cool items they could bid on as well. The gear ranges from foot controllers, keyboard, to remix stations, road cases an everything in between. 

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