Rock News Report: May 1st, 2018

12 Year Old Kid Kills Guitar Shredding Competition

Welcome To Rockville festival happened over the weekend in Jacksonville, Florida and rockers from all over came to head bang together. 12 year old Landon killed the shredding competition and had even been invited on stage to play with Sevendust on stage the night before. 

Check him slaying the shredding competition and play on stage with Sevendust below. 

Seattle Hotel Opens Pearl Jam Suite 

The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle has opened up a Pearl Jam Suite to rent out for your stay. The room is going to run you about $2,000 a night, but 10% of the proceeds do go towards ending homelessness in Seattle to make you feel better about the hefty price tag. 

The room is listed online as being able to "Rest your head on a pillow made of awesome. We partnered with Pearl Jam and their fan club to design the ultimate band inspired suite. With authentic concert memorabilia lining the walls, industrial grunge-inspired décor, in-room guitar, amp and vinyl record player, this space is a Seattle rock legend's dream. Now through the band’s home shows in August, we’re donating 10% of the room’s proceeds to end homelessness in Seattle." 

If you don't mind paying a couple thousand per night, it would be the ultimate Pearl Jam experience. 

Pearl Jam Suite

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