Rock News Report: May 29th, 2018

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Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan Fake Marriage

On Sunday night, Tommy Lee posted to Instagram what seemed to be a marriage announcement to his fiancée Brittany Furlan. 

Did it, I do A LOT

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Multiple news outlets then picked up the story announcing the union between the two. 

Yesterday the two then posted to Twitter that it was just an elaborate practical joke to confuse the media and show fans to not believe everything they read. 

'The Ghost Inside' Drummer Gets New Kick Pedal Post Leg Amputation 

Back in 2015 band 'The Ghost Inside' was involved in a horrific car accident that left the band with a multitude of injuries, but the worst came to drummer Andrew Tkaczyk when he lost his right leg. 

Playing the drums with his prosthetic wasn't giving him the correct timing to play, so his father engineered him a new device for his kick pedal. 

This is something I’ve been excited to share for a very long time. My Dad is quite the handy-man, and came up with this great idea. Playing drums with a prosthetic leg just wasn’t working out. The timing was way too off. There was a latency. It was awkward and clunky. My Dad had a vision of designing me a device where I didn’t need to attach my prosthesis at all. This way there is no weight my limb has to lift which eliminates fatigue, and gives me a FAR better action when striking the pedal. With that said, I still have a long way to go before I get it 100% down, but it’s absolutely the right direction to go in terms of playing as close to my full potential as possible! My Mom coined the name for this device so we’ve been calling it “The Hammer” 🔨 Going to stream live here on Instagram within the next hour so come hang out!

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