Rock News Report: June 5th, 2018

Courtney Love Being Sued By Daughters Ex Husband Isiah Silva

Earlier in the year a point of contention in the divorce between Frances Bean Cobain and now ex husband Isiah Silva and who was the true owner of Kurt Cobain's guitar from his performance on MTV Unplugged. Silva claimed that the guitar was a gift to him for the couples recent nuptials. Bean Cobain told the court that she would never give away such a prized family heirloom as a gift. The court ended up ruling in favor of Silva, and now Cortney Love has been added to the suit. 

According to TMZ Love and Sam Lufti were terrorizing not only Isiah Silva, but his ex and mother to his child Jessica Sullivan. Sullivan is claiming that Lufti called her in 2016 saying that "I'll put you in the street you f**king c**t. You d**e, f**king bitch, whore." Plus Lufti had told her that her child will be in an Orphanage. 

Now Silva has added into his lawsuit that Love "entered into a conspiracy with several people to break into his home, beat him up, kidnap him and try to murder him" all over trying to gain possession of the guitar. 

There have been no official rulings on what Silva and Sullivan are claiming to have happened to them by Love and Lufti. 

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