Rock News Report: June 12th, 2018

Eight Year Old Girl Kills Led Zeppelin Drum Cover

Eight year old girl Yoyoka Soma has covered Good Times, Bad Times on the drums from Led Zeppelin. She kills her rendition for the competition Hit Like A Girl. 

The description of her video tells us that Yoyoka has been drumming since she was two years old, and performing in concerts since she was four years old. Looks like this little girl is going to be famous one day. Japanese metal band, Babymetal, needs to pick up this girl for their next tour ASAP. 

Museum Fires Destroys Kurt Cobain Exhibit

In the hometown of Kurt Cobain, a fire broke out at Aberdeen Museum of History which also housed an entire exhibit dedicated to the late musician and Nirvana. The fire broke out on Saturday June 9th and destroyed the entire museum. 

No one was hurt in the fire and the cause has yet to be determined. Staff has told the media that they will be working to not only rebuild the Kurt Cobain exhibit, but the entire museum. 

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