Rock News Report: July 2nd, 2018

Smashing Pumpkins House Party Shut Down

Smashing Pumpkins are kicking off their tour later this month, but to get the celebration going, they played some special shows in Los Angeles. The first went down at Troubadour, a club in La La Land, while the second was at a home where they did promo shoots two decades ago. 

While the neighborhood had been warned about the band coming around prior to the show, it was eventually shut down by police. Neighbors began calling 911 about the noise and parking issues, and the house party was cut short after about 14 songs. 

You Can No Longer Buy CD's at Best Buy

Toys R Us closed their doors officially on Friday, and then next day was the last day to buy CD's at Best Buy. In the age of digital media, most people are not buying physical copies of albums anymore. When it's so easy to stream content with music services like our iHeartRadio app, most people don't keep those CD booklets in their car anymore. 

The rumors online are saying that Target will be the next store to cut their ties with physical music discs, but as of now Target has not made an official comment on it. 

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