Rock News Report: July 5th, 2018

Lamb of Gold's Chris Adler Told Vinnie Paul To Not Reunite Pantera

Chris Adler of Lamb of God once told Vinnie Paul that Pantera should not reunite. In 2003 the band officially broke up after finding out their lead vocalist would not be returning. Then in 2004 Vinnie Paul's brother was fatally shot on stage during a Damageplan show. 

While on the podcast Talk Is Jerico, Chris Adler spoke about the time when he told Vinnie Paul that he should not reunite Pantera.

"There's a chemistry you have as a band, and sometimes in my band it can become tumultuous, it can become difficult, and sometimes those things, actually, are beneficial in ways that you push each other creatively and kind of get around the obstacles," he says. "It's not that Vinnie said 'no'; it's that it wasn't possible. Whatever other unit would be put together, it's not capable of creating the chemistry necessary to put on the show that Vinnie and his brother did."

Taylor Momsen Releases Cover of 'This Land Is Your Land'

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless released a video featuring her cover of 'This Land Is Your Land' for the Fourth of July. The images in the video are significant as they were taken by former producer Kato Khandwala who tragically died in a motorcycle earlier in the year. 

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