Rock News Report: July 13th, 2018

A New Album From Evanescence is Coming

Amy Lee, front woman for Evanescence, has confirmed that a new album will be coming from the group at some point in the future. The last full original album we got from the band was in 2011 with their self titled album Evanescence. Back in 2017 we got another LP from the group, Synthesis, but it was re workings of old songs alongside a few new tracks. 

During a radio interview with 101 WRIF in Detroit, Lee told the host that "The plan is for us to work on a new album next. We don't have a timeline going on right now — we've been focused on [the Synthesis] tour and this whole crazy massive thing we've been doing. But, yeah, that's totally the plan. You will hear from us."

Los Angeles Based AC/DC Cover Band GayC/DC is Amazing

Back in 2000, AC/DC cover band GayC/DC was formed in Los Angeles. They still perform to this day with some popularity down in California. They have even performed with Sebastian Bach! 

They transform songs like 'Let There Be Rock' to 'Let There Be Cock,' 'Problem Child' becomes 'Bottom Child,' and 'Bad Boy Boogie' becomes 'Gay Boy Boogie.'

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