Rock News Report: July 19th, 2018

Holocaust Survivor Performs In German Metal Band

96 year old Holocaust survivor Inge Ginsberg first escaped the Holocaust to a refugee camp in Switzerland with her husband. They then moved to Hollywood, California to write music for artists like Nat King Cole and Doris Day. 

The New York Times did a piece on Ginsberg and how now, so many years later, she is performing with a German metal band in an effort to get her voice heard. 

Ted Nugent Calls News Media "Lying Bastards"

Earlier in the week Ted Nugent went to Roanoke, Virginia for a concert. Ted Nugent is an open supporter of the second amendment and it was a shock when local news station WSLS 10 reported that at the last minute, Nugent told security to not allow firearms into the venue. 

Nugent then responded to the news report calling the news "fakenews lying bastards," and that "media cannot be trusted [because] they are consumed with hate and dishonesty."

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