Rock News Report: August 7th, 2018

Are AC/DC Working on a New Album?

According to Steve Newton from Ear of Newt, AC/DC are in Vancouver B.C. working on a new album with Phil Rudd. Newton has defended his original stance that a "good source" reported running into Stevie Young and Phil Rudd on the streets of downtown Vancouver. 

The last three albums have all been recorded at Warehouse Studio, which is what prompted the idea that they are at least TALKING about the next album if not already working on it. Newton said that not only did his source see the two bandmates, but that he actually chatted with them. 

Twitter user @kyleantivenin, Vancouver B.C. resident, even tweeted that he saw Phil Rudd, further proving the point that at least ONE member of AC/DC is in Vancouver. 

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