Seattle To Start Fining People With Too Loud Vehicles

Being a lifetime Portland resident, I tend to also know a lot of people from Seattle. A lot of people I grew up with have since moved up North, while people from Seattle have moved down here, and then since moved back. I woke up this morning to multiple people that I know sharing this on their Facebook feeds. 

I won't lie, I find it irritating when I hear someone revving their loud as hell engine for what seems to be no reason. I'm not a car person, so I know literally nothing about what a loud exhaust has to do with making a car any better. 

According to The Seattle Times, Seattle City Council member Lisa Herbold conducted a public health and safety survey a year ago and one of the biggest concerns amongst citizens was "excessive noise coming from cars with modified mufflers."

The law that was already in place in Seattle said that you could not have a car that exceeds 95 decibels, which translates to how much noise a lawn mower makes. Since police officers are not carrying around noise meters, they have amended the law to make it easier for officers to detect who is breaking the law. Now if an officer can hear your car from 75 feet away, you could be getting a $136 fine. 

The measure passed on August 1st. 

Do you think Portland should do the same? Or is the law incredibly stupid? Let me know what you think! 

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