Taking Care of an Injured Baby Squirrel

Last night, a baby squirrel fell out of a tree and was crying and writhing around in the dirt. We watched the baby for hours making sure he was okay, but his Mom never came back for him. I called some people I know who are aware of how to take care of injured wildlife. 

We ended up packing him into a box and keeping him warm while I was waiting to go home. We got some Pedialyte and an eye dropper to keep him hydrated and well nourished. 

Afterwards we put him in a box with a heating pad and made sure he stayed warm through the night. I have a lizard, so I borrowed the old heating pad I used to keep in his tank. Plus I put a little warmth pad in the box for him to snuggle up to as well. 

Later on today we are taking him to a Wildlife Refuge Center specifically for baby mammals in the Portland area. Find an injured mammal? Contact Jackie Marsden Squirrel Refuge. Call Jackie Marsden at (360) 836-0955. 

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