Rock News Report: September 26th, 2018

In a recent interview Dave Grohl spoke about his pre show drinking ritual, and it's insane! Trying to perform on that amount of liquor and beer would have me completely drunk and bloated before I even got on stage. 

What is Dave Grohl's pre show drinking ritual like? I laid it all out for you! 

  • One and a half before show: Takes 3 Advil 
  • One hour before show: Opens first Coors Light 
  • 50 minutes before show: Takes a shot of Jager, finishes first Coors and grabs another 

In between those shots and beers Grohl stated that their is a room of people the whole time that is he doing shots with and throwing beers to. Before a show Grohl will usually have three to four shots and about three beers before a show. 

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