The Beneath Haunted House

Three mazes!  Three times the terror!

Ashwood Hospital – Something has gone horribly wrong at Ashwood Hospital.  The doctors are killing patients instead of saving them, the nurses have a plan of their own, and in the basement……the basement is full of unspeakable horrors.

 The Midnight House – When the clock strikes twelve, the Midnight House changes into a place of monsters and terror.  Shadows come to life, things that shouldn’t exist creep out of the corners and closets, and they are all hungry to meet you…….

 Bloody Mary’s Murderess Midway – The twins thought they were playing an innocent game when they called out Bloody Mary’s name three times.  Little did they know, that playing the game inside the mirror maze in the Midway’s Fun House would multiply her power a hundredfold.  Now the Midway has been taken over by Mary’s evil copies, and they all want you to join in the fun……

$30 General Admission, $45 VIP Fast Pass

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