Ace Frehley Changes Backing Band Members

Ace Frehely, formerly of KISS, has been venturing on his own solo tour and has announced that he will be having new backing band members. 

In a recent interview Frehely revealed that he won't be working with just any backing members, he is actually going to be with former bandmate Gene Simmons crew. Frehely decided to replace his current line up saying that "I worked with them in Australia, and they also did eight shows with me in Japan, and I realized that, you know... I think they were better than my current lineup, so I've decided to make the change. They're younger and more hungry, you know."  

His group will now feature guitarists Ryan Cool and Jeremy Asbrock, bassist Philip Shouse, alongside drummer Christopher Williams. 

Ace Frehely's new solo album Spaceman will be hitting shelves on October 19th. 

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