Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why He Had Hand Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne recently had to cancel four different tour dates due to an infection in his hand that needed surgery. The case got to be so bad that he actually had three different staph infections in his thumb. Ozzy told Rolling Stone that his thumb was "the size of a lightbulb" before he began seeking any sort of treatment. 

The doctor had to freeze his thumb and then go under the flesh of his fingernail. Ozzy said that "even with the numbing stuff, it was agony." Saying that "It wasn’t pus, but it was the stage after pus, when it gets in the blood and goes in your body and fucking kills you. It may sound fucked up what I’m saying to you, but he was really concerned about checking my blood.”

The doctor attributes how many hands Ozzy is shaking a day to the reason why he got the infection in the first place. 

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