Police Investigating Blade Found In Candy Bar

Whenever I went trick or treating as a child, I remember having to go home and give my candy haul over to my Mom. She'd check through the treats and throw away any candy that was open or torn. There has actually never been any police documented case of poisoned candy. Even so, most parents don't want their kids to be the first and check through their child's trick or treat haul. 

Now a parent in Indiana is reporting finding a blade in her childs Milky Way bar. Wane.com reported that her child was given the offending treat at a Halloween celebration over the weekend at Chain O' Lakes State Park. During the family event, a trick or treat activity was held during 2:30-4:30pm, which is when her kid got the candy. 

The mother claimed that the blade was found after her daughter noticed the candy wrapper open a bit. She inspected the bar and found the rusty blade after snapping the bar open. 

The police are investigating the case but so far have no leads. 

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