Candy In Aloha, Oregon Tests Positive For Meth

Washington County Sheriff's office has confirmed traces of methamphetamine have been found laced in Halloween candy. A family that was trick or treating in Aloha, Oregon on the 21600 block of Jay Street reported their children getting sick after eating some of their Halloween candy. 

The parents of the children said the wrappers were fully sealed before they ate the offending Sour Patch Kids. Deputies reported that the parents were then taken to the hospital for evaluation, but that the kids did not eat candy from the wrapper in question. 

The candy did test positive for methamphetamine, and they are sharing the information with an "out of an abundance of caution and in the interest of public safety." 

Remember to always inspect your child's Halloween candy, and throw out any wrappers that seem suspicious. Over the weekend, a Mom in Indiana reported finding a blade in her daughters Halloween candy. 

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