Halloweentown Home For Sale in Portland

Who could forget Halloweentown, the ICONIC Halloween movie series on Disney Channel? I always looked forward to seeing that Disney Channel Original Movie logo pop up on my television in the Fall. 

Even my Mom loved Halloweentown and seeing Marnie and family save their town from Kalabar, and who could forget the sequel Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge.

The real revenge was when Disney Channel switched actresses for Marnie like we wouldn't even notice! 

In an interview with oct31st.org, Kimberly Brown the original Marnie Cromwell was asked WHY she was replaced for the role of Marnie. Since Sara Paxton, her replacement, had been in a lot of Disney Channel Original Movies, I had just always assumed that they were trying to push her into being their next Disney star, turns out Brown isn't even sure as to why they didn't cast her!

"I wanted to do the fourth one and was fully available for the shoot — Nothing makes me happier than playing Marnie. Disney decided not to use me for the fourth one, I’m don’t know why. I was definitely disappointed not to do it."

Narcity theorizes that since Brown was filming Big Bad Wolf at the time, they decided not to wait for her and cast another red headed leading lady for Marnie. 

Well, now the home that was used for some interior shots is up for sale! Some exteriors of the home were also used. The real estate agent says the interior was used for a potions making scene. 

If you've got an extra $1.36 million, then this 5,000 square foot home could be yours! 

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