Portland Ranked Some of The Worst Drivers in Nation

Allstate has revealed their list for the best drivers in the nation, and we somehow got worse. Last year Portland ranked at at dismal 187 out of 200, and this year we dropped to 190, just four points above Los Angeles. 

The report analyzes different factors of driving like how likely we are to hard brake per every 1,000 miles, accident claim percentage, and even average years between claims. 

In Portland you are 68.8% more likely to be in an accident compared to the rest of the nation, and we on average, file an accident claim 5.9 years. Brownsville, Texas, ranked as the best drivers in the nation, file a claim every 13.6 years on average. 

Allstate also analyzed how often you are likely to hard brake for every 1,000 miles you drive. In Portland, you're likely to hard brake about 22.4 times. If you have ever driven in rush hour, the number feels a little low, I feel like I hard brake about 1,000 times per 1,000 miles. 

The worst drivers in the nation live in Baltimore, MA with the average accident claim being filed every 3.8 years, and are 163.2% more likely to be in a collision. The best drivers live in Brownsville, TX with their drivers claiming an accident every 13.6 years and 26.3% LESS likely to be in an accident. 

Our friends up north in Seattle actually fared better than we did, ranking at 179 in the nation. They are 55.2% more likely to be in a car accident and file a report every 6.4 years. 

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