Could a 'The Office' Reunion Be Coming To NBC?

Steve Carell hosted Saturday Night Live, over the weekend, and viewers were greeted with a bit of an Office surprise. In his cold open to SNL over the weekend, Carell took questions from the audience, where a few just so happened to be Ellie Kemper (Erin), Ed Helms (Andy), and Jenna Fischer (Pam). Even Carell's wife and kids joined in on the fun in the end. 

While the internet has been begging for a reboot for quite some time, Carell has famously been the one against a reboot

Since the show, the question keeps getting asked, "are we finally getting a reboot to The Office?" The internet is torn on if the reboot is happening. Some sites are saying that this is just a way for Carell to put that final "no" nail in the coffin, since he never really came around to the idea in his monologue. 

While others are thinking that this could just be the first tease that the reboot is actually happening. 

It isn't too far fetched of an idea for the cast to potentially tease a reboot during Carell's hosting gig on SNL. The Office and SNL are both hosted by NBC, so it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that we could get our first teaser on the show. 

Do you think we are getting a reboot to The Office? Do you think Steve Carell will rejoin the show if it does happen?

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