Where is The First Winner of America's Next Top Model Now?

America's Next Top Model was a staple reality show in a lot of households in the early 2000's. The first winner of America's Next Top Model was Adrianne Curry. 

After taking home the crown Curry opened up about her poor winnings from ANTM. After the show aired, Revlon stated that they never had any intention of using the winner for any ads. Curry said that instead she was instead told she would be paid $15k to model makeup in a room for executives. According to Too Fab, Curry never got the $15k. 

The disappointment didn't stop there for Curry. Alongside her Revlon contract was supposed to be a contract with Wilhelmina Modeling. Once the agency found out that the winning model in season two would be going to IMG Models, Wilhelmina was upset. According to Curry, Wilhelmina told her that they in no way wanted her to be successful in order to spite ANTM. The show had allegedly told Wilhelmina that they would use their agency "again and again" for winners of the show. 

Curry then went on to be on a slew of failed reality shows and even married actor Christopher Knight, that ended in divorce in 2011. 

So where in Adrianne Curry now? She has a YouTube channel that isn't well maintained, but it seems as if she is doing a lot better. A new husband and has left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood entirely. 

What is the former model up to these days for work? Selling Avon. 

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