Outrage Causes DC To Cancel Comic Book About The Second Coming of Jesus

DC has dropped an upcoming comic book series that was set to debut on March 6th called Second Coming. The series was meant to depict Jesus' return to Earth and subsequently becoming a super heroes side kick.

The series was canceled after many conservative news stations covering the series were not happy, with some calling it "outrageous and blasphemous." Sites like Breitbart and Fox News covered the series, but only gave it a lot of harsh criticism.

The cancellation comes after a petition, signed by more than 230,000 people, called for the series to not be released.

DC gave Russell his rights back after the cancellation of the series.

Mark Russell, the man behind the series, announced on Twitter that the series will "still be released, albeit with a different publisher."

Russell said in an interview with HuffPost that DC had wanted him to make changes he wasn't comfortable with, including removing nudity and profanity from one scene in the comic. In the same interview, he also blames Fox News for the outrage claiming that "Fox News set the outrage machine in motion, so it’s difficult to speculate what, if any, impact their campaign had on any of DC’s decision-making."

How do you feel about the comic? Was it a good move by DC to cancel the series after outrage, or should they have let it go?

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