This Week's Weird News 12/3/21

A mammoth tusk found on the ocean floor, a goose that laid eggs with black yolks, and a man who was attacked by what he thought was a crocodile statue were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw a pair of bizarre bird stories that each served as something of a mystery. First, in China, a grey goose laid a pair of eggs that contained black yolks. Video of the animal's eerie output went viral in the country with residents offering all manner of theories as to what created the curious coloring. Meanwhile, over in Spain, hundreds of dead starlings suddenly dropped from the sky and rained down upon the grounds of the hospital. Authorities collected some of the unfortunate creatures in the hopes of determining what could have caused the nightmarish incident that was akin to a horror film.

Scientists aboard a deep-sea research vessel could not believe their eyes when an underwater exploration vehicle spotted a mammoth's tusk sitting on the ocean floor approximately 180 miles off the coast of California. In announcing the discovery this past week, researchers indicated that the out-of-place object, which is believed to be at least 100,000 years old, was incredibly well preserved since it had been found at a depth of 10,000 feet. This has allowed them to extract DNA from the tusk which should provide a wealth of answers as to the nature of the creature which once sported it as well as how it wound up at the odd location.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of the Philippines where a man's 68th birthday celebration almost took a tragic turn thanks to a 'camera shy' crocodile. The strangeness began when Nehemias Chipada spotted what he thought was a remarkably realistic replica of the fearsome reptile sitting in a small pool of water. Wishing to document what one presumes was a delightful day until then, the man climbed down to the suspected statue for a selfie. That is when Chipada discovered that, in fact, the creature was quite real as it proceeded to attack him! Fortunately, the man was able to escape the situation, though he was left with a badly injured arm and one birthday memory that he'd likely prefer to forget.

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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