Construction Worker Injured In Crash

Photo: Ford, Brad

A work zone crash late Wednesday on Interstate 84 is a tragic reminder of the dangers road crews face every day keeping our highways safe.

An employee for Kerr Contractors, a provider for ODOT, was closing the left lane east of Multnomah Falls when a vehicle came into the work zone, striking the truck occupied by the employee. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and later released.

The driver who caused the crash was transported to a hospital. Data show that, in work zone crashes, drivers and their passengers more often suffer tragic consequences.

This scenario could have been much worse. As summer construction season ramps up, we urge everyone to become more mindful about driving through work zones. To make work zones safer for all of us, you can:

  • Report unsafe drivers. If you see unsafe driving and think the driver may be impaired, call 9-1-1. Law enforcement welcomes such calls and gives them priority to prevent a potential crash. ODOT also supports a 24-hour DUII reporting system at 1-800-24DRUNK (1-800-243-7265).
  • Pay attention. Always keep your eyes on the road but be exceptionally vigilant in work zones. Watch for orange cones and look for workers. Slow down.
  • Anticipate change. In work zones, familiar traffic patterns may be modified, lanes may shift, and speed limits may be lower.
  • Move over. It’s the law. When you see flashing lights, move over and give a lane of space. This will protect you and our workers.
  • Plan ahead. This summer, you may see more work zones. Know your route and give yourself extra time. Visit before you leave.

We all play a critical role in protecting drivers, passengers and workers in work zones. Please do your part. Slow down. Move over. And let everyone get home safely.

Source: ODOT

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