YEA: Seattle-based fast-machine hang THE SHOP opening a DFW location soon.

Its a car club! Its a motorcycle club! Its a great restaurant and bar to hang at. It's THE SHOP, and its opening soon in Dallas.

Seattle-based fast/fancy machine hangout THE SHOP is opening a second location in DFW soon.

In the middle of all this fun is a big bar/restaurant named THE DERBY. It has two seperate sides, public and members-only.

Shop members get all sorts of perks and privs (including optional storage space for the whip of their dreams for an upcharge), but the public is also welcome to roll on up and enjoy the party. The Eagle plans to keep a close watch from above on this joint!

Thank you to Culturemap Dallas, and my good friend (and great writer) Teresa Gubbins for the scoop.

Here's CMD's full report on The Shop:

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