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How I Lost 100 Pounds

When I was in high school I weighed 225 lbs and was a size 16, now I am a size 4/5 (I fluctuate A LOT) and 125 lbs. This is what I used to look like, and what I am now. 

Losing the weight doesn't require any fad dieting or starving yourself. All it takes is clean eating and a workout plan you enjoy. The first few weeks will be hard! It took me almost two years to shed off all the weight. I promise, you'll have more energy and love who you are! 

Here are some website I use for healthy recipes >

Minimalist Baker

Skinny Taste

Cooking Light

Don't complete cut out the foods you love. Just don't binge. Once a week I let myself have whatever I am craving or go out to dinner and get the fatty burger and fries. I also love finding better for you recipes of foods I love. Better For You Pizza, Cauliflower Rice, "Better For You" Alfredo Sauce.

Finally find a workout plan you enjoy! I practice Vinyasa Yoga everyday. The one I posted below will make you sweat more than you ever thought possible! 


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