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March Workout Series

Summer is coming and I am heading to New York City for five days in June so I am in prime workout/dieting mode right now. Working out and healthy eating is something I have always really cared about since I lost 100 lbs but since my car accident last month I haven't been really sticking to my game plans. This month I decided it was time to get my body back in prime form! Here is how March went... (All click through links on artists feature one of my favorite songs from them! Some are explicit.)

Week One, 2/26-3/4: I changed up my workout routine. Usually I am doing Vinyasa Yoga six days a week, taking Sundays off. Instead now I do cardio on Tuesday-Thursday and Vinyasa Yoga Friday-Sunday. This is what works the easiest for me and my work schedule since I do cardio in a gym and yoga at home. This week I have also rediscovered my love of Disclosure and Childish Gambino, so they have been on repeat on my workout playlist. 

Week Two, 3/5-3/11- I am fully committed to the new workout plan and truthfully it has been kicking my butt... in a good way though. I actually feel like more changes are actually happening in my body rather than just maintaining a weight I am not super happy with. I listen to a lot of EDM when I work out and I have been listening to a lot of hour long mixes on Soundcloud. I have been incorporating a more healthy diet into my everyday life, and more cooking at home. I have been feeling a lot better! Less coffee, more tea. I also have heavily reduced my dairy and sugar intake and my face is thanking me, I have always had acne breakouts because I wear so much makeup, and since I have cut dairy and sugar my face has been clearing up. I start a juice cleanse next week... let's see how it goes. 

Week 3, 3/12-3/18- This week has been fairly uneventful. I have been doing a lot more cardio than yoga. Just because my body has been plateauing a little bit with yoga. So I have been incorporating different cardio workouts slightly more often. Cardio four days a week and yoga two days a week. I have been eating really clean recently. Less dairy and sugar and I have felt SO GOOD. 

Week 4, 3/19-3/25- I did absolutely no yoga this week. I work two jobs and I usually plan to do yoga on the days I work my second job. I have been so exhausted I haven't had time to do it. Oh well. Sometimes you just can't help it. Technically your doctor recommends working out 120 minutes a week. I work out for 500 minutes a week, at least. So I am not overly concerned if I miss a day or two of yoga since I burn 500-600 calories a day during my cardio days. 

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