People Who Curse Are Usually More Intelligent

The typical theory is that people who tend to curse more often than others are LESS intelligent because their vocabulary isn't large enough to find a proper word to express how they are feeling. I personally like to curse because when I tell someone "I'm really f-ing excited" means a lot more than "I'm excited!!!" A recent study was conducted that showed people who knew a lot of swear words and used them more often scored higher on IQ tests than their non swearing counterparts. 

Turns out people who curse have a better hold on their sanity, using curse words to express your emotions can help elevate endorphin levels and help you calm down. In another study cursing in the workplace makes for a better environment. 67 percent of women and 60 percent of men would PREFER to work in an office where cursing is normal. 

So, curse on my friends! 

You can check out the study HERE! *Note: There is a heavy amount of swearing in the article... about swearing* 

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