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International Women's Day: Celebrate Every Day

We celebrated International Women's Day this week on March 8th, it's a day to celebrate women, and everything they have accomplished. I asked my friends to send me their favorite articles and posts from around the internet. Here are some of my favorites. 

Hillary Clinton told us to "resist, run for office." -Yahoo! News 

Women around the world called for action through protest. - The New York Times

Donald Trump tweeted about International Women's Day and it backfired. - Huffington Post

Stories on International Women's Day to inspire you. -Buzzfeed

Women's March on Washington organized #DayWithoutaWoman 

Women across the internet posted about International Women's Day. 

Thank you so much to all the Facebook posts, DM's, and emails I was sent yesterday to help contribute. I couldn't use all of them but I appreciated it. ❤

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