86 Burglars Were Asked About How They Broke Into Homes

A lot of burglars stated that things like a radio or television would keep them from breaking into someones home, while others said having a car in the driveway would keep them away. 

Reviews were mixed for on whether or not a security system would keep them away. Some said it would and others said they knew how to disable them. If a system DID go off while they were in the home, they either would disable it if they knew how, or they would get out. 

Almost all agreed that a big dog would keep them from the home, where little ones were not very scary. 

Homes that would be targeted were ones that made it obvious they had expensive things in the home. Your car in the driveway that has a NRA sticker or a bumper sticker about how much you love your guns? That is a for sure sign that you have a lot of guns in the home to steal when you are away. 

Want to see the answers to all the questions? You can check out the full article HERE!

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